St John Gibraltar

For the Faith and in the Service of Humanity

St John Ambulances

Make a donation

By supporting St John Gibraltar, you’ll help us make sure that, wherever a first aid emergency occurs, someone is on hand to help.

We’ll do it by teaching people first aid — simple skills you can learn in the time it taks to do your weekly shop — and by making sure our volunteers can be on hand to provide first aid where they’re needed most.

Where your donation goes

Donating regularly really adds up and helps us plan for the future knowing there’s a steady supply of money coming in.

If you donate regularly

£5 a month — could give every child in your local primary school a first aid guide.

£10 a month — buys a first aid training model to teach life saving CPR in our training centre.

£20 a month — would cover the cost of a qualified trainer teaching a complete training course to two classes of children.

We welcome one-off donations too. Even a small amount can help.

How to donate

Send donations made payable to “St John Gibraltar” to us at our headquarters or contact us to discuss setting up a standing order to donate more regularly.